Stuff about shooting

I'm just getting back into shooting, after having not done it for many years. Pursuant to local ordinances, I can't shoot outdoors (not even pellet guns!) on my own property. But, that hasn't stopped me! Here's how:

I purchased a JG BAR-10 Airsoft "Sniper" rifle. It shoots those plastic 6mm BBs.

Well, if you take a cardboard box and cut a large square hole in one side, and fill the box with old towels, you have an INDOOR airsoft trap! I'll post a photo later. Anyway, you put a paper target over the square hole in the box, and shoot at the paper target. The towels in the box slow the BBs. If you're really frugal, the BBs can then be re-used! Use the 0.2g or heavier BBs for maximum accuracy.

It turns out that the JG BAR-10 is not the world's most accurate airsoft. It's also not the most durable; the "metal" parts are mostly cheap die-cast aluminum. I've already had to repair the scope mount (2 part epoxy works well), and sometimes the bolt snaps shut instead of cocking properly. But it's ok for curing cabin fever; you can shoot indoors with it.

So, here's my super secret accuracy enhancer on the JG BAR-10: Unscrew the outer barrel from the receiver, and wrap the threads in Teflon tape. Go several wraps. Then, re-thread the barrel back into the receiver. This keeps the barrel from waggling all around, and improves the accuracy. If the magazine doesn't fit into the stock after you do this, back off one turn on the barrel before re-inserting the barrel stop screw. Then, applying principles from spring powered air rifles (" pellet guns "), do not hold the rifle tightly when shooting. Instead, lay the stock loosely in the palm of your hand. Groups will be MUCH smaller!


Ok, the JG BAR-10 is pretty much an overpriced toy. The cocking mechanism breaks frequently. BUT, following the example of the indoor trap, it turns out that you can shoot a pellet gun indoors, using the same principle. Make a wooden box, add a few layers of Duct Seal putty on the inside, and put your targets over the front of that. Works great, and the putty stops the pellets.


I made up some paper targets that you can download freely as PDFs and print out.