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What We Do

PC Companion is a company serving small businesses and individuals with their computer needs. We provide support, troubleshooting, training, consulting, programming, and web page services. Most of our work is done at the customers site. We are also an authorized agent for ThunderByte Anti-virus Products.

Where We Are

PC Companion is located in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. If you wish to contact us, our mailing address is:

PC Companion
P.O. Box 60222
Harrisburg, PA 17106-0222
If you wish to contact us by phone, the number is (717) 657-0448. Of course, you could always send an email to pccomp@mindspring.com. No matter how you contact us, we will respond as quickly as possible.

Who We Are

The people who work for PC Companion are a loose network of individuals each running their own business. In this manner, we can each offer the others skills in the computer field. As we each have different backgrounds and experiences, we are able to compliment each others abilities.

Webpage Services

We are now offering basic webpage services. We will setup a text and simple graphic page for $40.00 per page. Custom graphics will have to priced according to the work needed for that graphic. We also offer a scanning service at $6.00 per scan. Check the pages we have been working on.

ThunderByte Anti-virus Utilities

ThunderByte Anti-virus products are the best anti-virus utilities available. Since their introduction in the United States, they have ranked consistently among the top five anti-virus products. At this time, ThunderByte is considered to be the best anti-virus utilities available. One of the advantages to the retail package from ThunderByte is that you have a lifetime single user license. This allows you to download FREE upgrades from the ThunderByte web page. This is possible because the only difference in content between the shareware version and the licensed version is a KEY file. The licensed version contains a key that unlocks all of the softwares capabilities where the shareware version does not have this key and is somewhat limited in what it can do.

The retail package of ThunderByte is multi-platform. It includes DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT platforms. So, one package will cover most of your anti-virus needs. Also, to protect against the shelf-life of a product that is constantly being updated, you will be sent a copy of the most current version of ThunderByte upon receipt of your registration form.

Site licenses are also available as well as discounts for educational institutes. If you currently have a license for another anti-virus product, give us the information on what you have, including remaining time on your existing license, and we will calculate a discounted price to purchase ThunderByte as a replacement for whatever you are currently using.

Click HERE to learn how you might receive a FREE copy of ThunderByte or for information on how to order (U.S. and U.S. APO only). If you are interested in reselling it, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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