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Hello, my name is David Guhl. As you can see, I like to get out sometimes. This picture was taken while I was feeding the Larakeets at Currumbin Sanctuary in Australia. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the one that was sitting on my head!

This picture was taken in October of 1997 during my second trip to South Korea. I was at the Expo in Taejon. We went to Taejon to visit my ex-wife's parents and oldest brother.

Personal Information

     Born:        July 10, 1961
     Height:      5'10"
     Weight:      190 pounds
     Hair:        Blonde
     Eyes:        Blue

Where I Was Born and Live

I was born in the city of Harrisburg, located in the south central region of Pennsylvania. Except for about five months, I have always lived in this area. During those five months, I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I currently live in a house (156K) in Susquehanna Township, a suburb of Harrisburg. Harrisburg is the Capital of Pennsylvania. It is relatively small and quiet when compared to the better known cities in the state such as Philadelphia to the east and Pittsburgh to the west. This area is known for more than just being the capital.

Nearby, we have Hershey, which is famous around the world for their chocolate. What many people outside of this region don't know is that Hershey also has a large amusement park similar in style to Disney World. That is actually one of the larger tourist attractions here.

About a 45 minute drive from here is Lancaster which we say is Amish country. There you will find a large number of Amish People. These people follow a strict religion that does not allow for many modern conveniences. From what I understand, certain sects of the religion do allow the use of cars or vans, but for the most part, they live as they did hundreds of years ago. Lancaster also has a number of outlet shops and you will often find the area crowded with shoppers looking for a bargain.

Here in Harrisburg, it is currently on

My Family

First is my BEAUTIFUL girlfriend Yun. For those who know me and my interest in the Asian cultures, it's not surprising that my girlfriend is from ChengDu, Sichuan in China! We met over the internet. I don't think either one of us expected to meet someone that way, but it happened and we are happy to have found each other!

Over the years, I have had two mothers, three fathers, and countless brothers and sisters, some of whom I have never met. By blood, I have one sister and two brothers. My sister and one of my brothers are older than me.

My sister studied nursing and now works in a hospital in New Mexico. Although we are so far apart, we are also very close. She keeps trying to talk me into moving closer to where she lives. Since I was raised here, and most of my aunts and uncles live here, I would rather not move. Also, I like this area better than New Mexico.

My oldest brother is currently living in Oregon. He works at the Salvation Army where he met his wife. They married in October 1998. I hope they have a happy life together and a good future.

My younger brother does construction work. Currently, he is living in Denver Colorado. My mother and I visited him in 1995 when I went to spend my vacation with her in New Mexico. He seems to be doing very well. I don't hear from him too often, but I know he is doing fine and I don't need to worry about him.

My mother also lives in New Mexico. She has lived there since 1976 and she likes it there. I am still very close to her. We usually talk a couple times a month to keep each other up-to-date on what has been happening in our lives. I went to visit her in October, 1995, during the balloon fiesta. While I was there, we went up in a balloon. Although I am afraid of heights, I enjoyed the ride and feel it was worth it.

My father lives here in Harrisburg. We don't get to see each other often because I am too busy. He was forced into retirement because of a problem with his legs. These days, he isn't able to walk very well. He lives with his wife. One of her sons, who lives nearby, goes to visit them often.

Bobbi is my dog (12K). We brought him home in February of 1989, when he was still a puppy (182K). He was only 7 weeks old at the time. He is very friendly and enjoys meeting people and other dogs. I guess you might say it is as if he was my child. He does have one problem, he has epilepsy. He has had epileptic seizures since he was three years old. We give him medicine to help prevent the seizures, but they cause him to sleep too much.
11/29/96 - We had to have Bobbi put to sleep today. The medicine we used to prevent his epilepsy destroyed his liver. The past two weeks he has been getting weaker and he has not been able to eat much. Although it hurts to lose him, I realize that he would have died at least four years ago if we hadn't given him the medicine. So, he has had a longer and happier life than nature would have given him. We loved him very much and will miss him.

We realized the house would seem empty without Bobbi, so we went looking for a new puppy. We each found a puppy that we liked and got both of them (143K)! Mickey (the male) is a mostly white Beagle. Patti (the female) is the tan colored mixed breed. We aren't sure what breeds she has, but we guess that it includes either Boxer or Pit Bull. We found both of them at the Humane Society. They had been brought in as strays. They have been together (132K) ever since we brought them home. They are good playmates, although I think they get a little too rough when playing with each other. They also get very noisy, especially Mickey.

My Education

I attended Bishop McDevitt High School here in Harrisburg. As you can probably tell by the name, it is a Catholic school. After completing high school, I continued my education at the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). This is a 2 year college offering Associate degrees as well as career certificates. I graduated from HACC twice, the first time with a degree in Mainframe Programming/Systems Analysis and the second time with a degree in Business Administration. Time permitting, I do plan to study for a bachelors degree at Penn State University, Middletown Campus.

My Work

You might say that I have two jobs. My primary job is as a mainframe computer programmer. I work for Rite Aid, a large retail pharmaceutical chain. It keeps me busy during the weekdays. My second job is running my own business as a PC Consultant and trainer. I do this mostly evenings and weekends. The good thing is that if I really need time during the day, I can make arrangements at work to get the time I need.

Spare Time

I don't really have a lot of free time, but there are some things I like to do when I can. Of course, I play with my dogs and take them for walks. I am an avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy books. I have over 1000 books that I've read over the years. I try to spend time visiting or talking to my friends. I believe that friends are very important. I enjoy playing around with my computer, adding things and upgrading it, as well as exploring the web. I also do some volunteer work for the Humane Society. I help at the dog washes, the Christmas open house, and Christmas Tails (13K).

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