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This page will be used to tell you when I have updated any of these pages. I will also tell you what I have changed/added/deleted and set a link to that page or area on the page. That way, you will know at a glance whether there is anything new or interesting since you last visited.

1/17/99 - I haven't done any major changes to my pages in a long time. I have made minor changes that I didn't think were worth adding here. I just added a brief section about my girlfriend on my personal page

4/2/98 - I started a new job this week, working at Rite Aid. I have added this to my personal page

1/23/98 - I had another eye examination today. I have added it to my eye surgery page.

I have also added a final comment to my eye surgery page.

12/2/97 - I lowered the price on the ThunderByte Anti-virus Retail Package to $85.00.

11/16/97 - I corrected the toll-free phone number for Maria's Flowers.

11/13/97 - I put an entry on my ThunderByte page telling how many orders I've sold and how many until I reach the free order.

11/5/97 - I was away for a couple weeks in October and I'm now getting things back to normal around here. I added one of the pictures from my trip to my Personal page.

I finally got some decent scans (3 photos) from our Korean wedding in 1988 and added links to them from my Personal page

I removed the ad for my friend who was selling the car. She found a buyer.

A friend of mine opened a small women's clothing store called New World Fashion. I put up a very basic page for her in the hopes that it will help her business.

9/7/97 - I added a section about my Spare Time on my Personal page.

7/16/97 - A friend of mine is selling her old car, so I put an ad on my index page for her.

7/11/97 - I had another eye examination today. I have added it to my eye surgery page.

7/4/97 - I lowered the price on the ThunderByte Anti-virus Retail Package.

6/27/97 - I updated Linda's House of Lloyd pages, including her Christmas Around the World and Gifts by House of Lloyd catalog pages.

4/7/97 - I found out that the E-Mail address for Memorial Eye Institute has been changed. I made the change for this on my Eye Surgery page..

3/22/97 - After Bobbi died, we decided to get another puppy. I have added a section about this on my personal page.

3/12/97 - I uploaded a webpage for another customer, Maria's Flowers. I have also added it to my list of Web Pages.

If you use a Mac, I have added a link from my PC Companion page to a friend in the Harrisburg area who works with Mac.

3/7/97 - I had another eye examination today. I have added it to my eye surgery page.

3/5/97 - I have set up a page that links to the web pages I have been doing for other people.

1/29/97 - I have added a .wav file on my personal page so you can hear my greeting to you. Just click on my picture to listen to it.

While testing the change I made to these pages, I noticed that the time was wrong on my personal page. It has now been corrected.

1/16/97 - I started working on a website for the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc. Right now, I am just waiting for more information from them before I continue with my work. Hopefully, I will be able to add the Pet of the Week section starting next week. It depends on when the shelter is ready to have me do this.

1/6/97 - I had another eye examination today. I have added it to my eye surgery page.

12/12/96 - My dog, Bobbi, died in November. We buried him in our yard so that he would always be close.

I have changed to a different ISP. My E-Mail address is now .pccomp@mindspring.com

11/13/96 - I have updated my eye surgery page. It now has the information about my third eye surgery and the initial post-op examinations.

11/6/96 - I have added a link to my eye surgery page. It currently contains information on 2 out of 3 surgical procedures. I had the third surgery today and don't yet feel up to adding it. I will try to have it added by the end of the weekend.

11/4/96 - I haven't been very active on the web for a little while now. If you wrote me a message and didn't get a response, I will be writing back to you soon.

First, I had company from Korea. My wife's two older sisters came to visit us. They were here for about 11 days. We took them to Washington D.C., Baltimore Inner Harbor, and New York City. They really enjoyed their stay with us but, I think they are glad to be home.

Almost immediately after they left, I had surgery on my left eye. I have been able to use it, but I wanted to rest my eye as much as possible in order to help it heal. I am in the process of writing a page about my surgeries explaining what I had done, why I had it done, the surgical procedures, and the results. I will have someone from the eye doctors office check it before I put a link to it. My next surgery is this Wednesday so I probably won't be doing much here for the next few of weeks.

9/26/96 - I have added a Webpage Services section to my PC Companion page. Currently, I am working on a partial catalog of House of Lloyd products. I should have the initial catalog online within a week.

8/28/96 - I have added a picture of my house in the Where I Was Born and Live section of my personal page. I also added a My Work section on my personal page.

Just to let you know, I will sometimes make what I consider to be minor changes on my pages without listing those changes here.

8/25/96 - I have finally added a new link to my Links Around The World page. This one links to a man living in Anchorage, Alaska. I am now actively looking for new sites to link here and hope to be able to add one a week.

I have included some information and pictures of my dog in the Family section of my personal page as well as a pet related link in my personal link section..

8/4/96 - I haven't had much chance to work on these pages lately. I have been very busy but I should be able to do more in the next couple of weeks. For now, I have added a new link on my PC Companion page.

7/15/96 - I have modified the ThunderByte information on my PC Companion page. This includes a link to a page that explains how you might receive a FREE copy of ThunderByte as well as ordering information.

7/11/96 - I have added a link to a new webpage for House of Lloyd. They offer 2 party plans that you can earn money from without investing any money..

7/9/96 - I have added an order form for ThunderByte on my PC Companion page.

7/7/96 - I have finally added some information about being married on my personal page. I even managed to talk my wife into letting me put up a picture from when we first married. For those of you who have been here before, my brother Dan is in this picture. I will add another picture from our second wedding as soon as I can find one that scans well enough.

Now that I have a scanner and I am adding pictures, I have decided to set most of them as links from my pages instead of putting them into the page. That way, it will decrease the page transfer time and only those who are interested need look at the pictures.

6/29/96 - Sorry it took so long to get around to updating my pages. I have been very busy over the last few weeks. One of the reasons is that I recently bought a scanner. So, I have finally added a picture of myself on my personal page.

I have also added an added a link to The World of Windows 95 on my PC Companion page

6/2/96 - I have added a links section to my personal page and included a link to the Childcare page.

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